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Eyebrow Shaving: Look Cool & Impress Girls

29 Apr

This is rapper Soulja Boy.  He likes to shave lines into his eyebrows and wear his hat askew.

When I was in middle school, some kids in my class decided that it would be fun to call me “albino girl” because of my fair skin, blond hair, and light-colored (barely noticeable) eyebrows.  And this was the “gifted” class…you’d think the “smart” kids wouldn’t act so stupid.  Suffice to say, grooming my eyebrows has never been a high priority for me–no plucking, shaping, or waxing for this girl.  If I want anyone to notice my brows, I have to draw them on with an eyebrow pencil.

Apparently, eyebrow care has gone beyond normal pruning for some teens who have started have been shaving lines in their eyebrows in order to look silly (or be cool).  Actually, this is a trend that has been going on for years, but now one high school in Portland, Oregon, is banning students from shaving fashion statements in their follicles.  The message is this–leave ’em alone or shave ’em off completely (I once met a kid who “accidentally” shaved off his eyebrows with an electric ravor.  It was pretty hilarious).  According to officials at Centennial High School, students aren’t being fashionable; they are showing their gang allegiances.

The Fox News story tells the plight of one 17 year-old boy who shaved lines in his eyebrows to “look cool and impress girls”.  He insists that he’s not in a gang and would be humiliated if he was forced to shave off his eyebrows completely.  I just snorted Diet Coke all over my computer screen.  Yeah, I’m sure shaving your eyebrows off will look much stupider.

This whole trend started because rappers started to shave lines into their eyebrows, including some character named “Soulja Boy” (a real manly name).  Kids are just following the trend, but so are gangs including one called Southside 13, which has members shave the number 13 into their eyebrows.   Gang-related or not, I agree with the schools, just because it looks ridiculous.  Teens can go express their personhood once they turn 18 and then they might realize there are more important things in life than looking cool (and impressing girls).


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