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Part 2: The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

25 Aug

Link to my PA Ren. Faire Slide Show!

Since the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire is a Saturday/Sunday affair, our only option to go to it last weekend was Sunday, since Saturday was spent driving all around the tri-state area. Last Sunday we battled below average temperatures and rainfall to attend the faire. I’ll have to say, despite the rain, it was a good time. Those Renaissance Faire performers were top-notch.

They’re under this delusion that they’re living in England, so you can have an active conversation with William Shakespeare or Robin Hood or pretty much anyone about the Queen, piracy, or this and that. Show them your cell phone and they look amazed saying, “What will Merlin come up with next?” Ask to take a picture and the response may be, “Oh, you have a little portrait maker, too?” Some of the characters have intricate life stories, which are definitely worth a listen. Plus, there are shows that include gypsies, magicians, knights, jousting, juggling, and improvisational comedy. Plus, you can sword fight. I didn’t do that, but I really should have because dangit, I’m tough.

The above picture is Casey Martin, the fire breathing maiden from the group Barely Balanced. They were the funniest performers there. There was also, Sally Stiltzken, the sister of Rumple, she was a really amazing and gifted actress. Check out the rest of my pictures here.


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