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So much to say, so much to say!

19 Aug

This week I’m “unofficially” on vacation, which means I’m backing off from writing a bit to step back and consider the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. Or it could be that Sarah has off all week and we’ve got great plans like an overnight beach trip with two of our pals! Well, whatever, I’m not really here, am I?

However, in prepping to be away I’ve been making sure that Backseat Writer can move along swimmingly and have been negligent of my poor little corner of cyberspace here and I’ve got SO MUCH TO SAY!

Heres is one of my concert photos.  The dimly lit room and my lack of a $500 camera made for mediocre photos.  But theyre my mediocre photos so theyre special.

Here's is one of my concert photos. The dimly lit room and my lack of a $500 camera made for mediocre photos. But they're my mediocre photos so they're special.

First order of business–Derek Webb!!! As I’ve announced via Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, text message, and in random conversations with strangers, I saw Derek Webb for the first time in concert on Sunday night. I was thinking you always remember your first time–the first time you rode a bike, the first time you went on a date, the first time you saw Derek Webb live in concert and so on. I wrote up a review which will be posted on Backseat Writer later this week, but–WOW!–what an exciting experience for me (and Sarah)! It was such a low-key laid back event. The fact that Derek could command an audience in his white t-shirt/blue jeans ensemble, his voice, and an acoustic guitar was impressive. So, yes, it was everything I thought it would be and I can hardly wait to see him and the rest of his gang on Oct. 4 on the Art*Music*Justice Tour. Christa Banister told me last week that she met her husband at a Derek Webb concert, so I was very hopeful the same would be true for me. It so wasn’t.

Second order of business–baby rabbits everywhere! On Saturday, I stumbled upon a nest of baby rabbits in the

Heres the first escapee on the run!

Here's the first escapee on the run!

large grassy area behind our apartment, which is frequented by small children and hairy dogs. Since I had my camera with me, I snapped a couple pictures of the little dears. As I walked away, one of the babies decided to hightail it out of the nest. I ran into the house to get a towel, caught the escapee, and put it back in its nest, which caused bunny #2 to jump out. I caught bunny #2 and put it back in the nest, when bunny #1 apparently wanted another taste of freedom. At this point I decided they were in a phase of rebellion and used a stick to cover the nest as best as I could. I checked on the baby-on-the-run a couple of times, who had decided to set up camp under the water spout. A little before midnight, the babies were safely nestled back in their little nest because their mother had come to feed them and care for them. How sweet!

Last night when Sarah and I took the dogs for their nightly bathroom break, the nest had once again been torn asunder. And one of the babies was hanging out near the nest which Maddy the shih tzu found especially interesting. She seems to think they’re “her babies”. As we headed back in, the little trickster had moved back into its nest! How they don’t get run over by the lawn mower is beyond me! Yet I know the best thing is for them to be where they are so they can be taken care of by their mother. Although smuggling them into the apartment and raising the little ones has crossed my mind.

Cover of This Beautiful Republic's latest, Perceptions.

Third order of business–crazy album releases! It’s like everyone who wanted to release a new album sat down and said, “August 19! That is the day we shall all release a new album in a show of solidarity!” There are sophomore albums from the likes of Brandon Heath, Family Force 5, This Beautiful Republic (A shout out to my friend Ben Olin!), and Jimmy Needham as well as new albums from Mercy Me’s Bart Millard, Charlie Hall, Ten Shekel Shirt, and my old buddies, The Wrecking (formerly Kingpin Wrecking Crew). Lots of new music to check out–no wonder I need an unofficial vacation!

Fourth order of business–what’s up with the release of the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’s release being moved back to June? Didn’t they just release the trailer? Are the powers-that-be toying with us? (Article)

And lastly, did you hear about these yahoos who claimed they found a Bigfoot corpse in the woods and it turned out to be a hoax? Surprise, surprise! The funniest part of the whole thing is that the “body” was, in fact, a sasquatch Halloween costume. I mean, did they really think they’d be fooling anyone with that? Believe me, the full story is worth reading.

So, that’s about it, sorry to lump it all together like this, but I’ve got some R&R to do. Have a nice day!


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