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Friday Faves: The Surprise! Edition

27 Apr

Aren’t you elated?!  It’s been months (or at least a month) since I did Friday Faves (FF) and I didn’t originally plan on putting together FF today, but some days I just surprise myself as well as my readers!  Since I just gave you an update on my life, I thought I’d share an amusing anecdote to fill up some space because just jumping into a bunch of links seems so impersonal.  However, I spend a lot of time sitting on my couch with my broken foot propped up on pillows, so it’s not like there are all that many stories to share.  Although when I  was using Stella the Walker to hobble up the stairs after returning from a doctor’s appointment this morning, the UPS man asked if I broke my foot after falling from drinking too much.  I informed him that I’m not a drinker (except for that wine cooler on New Year’s Eve).  He said that maybe I should start.  So, yeah, my UPS man encouraged me to become drop down drunk.  I guess what’s what brown can do for you.

What is up with our culture’s obsession with drunkenness?   I can think of several movies where drunken people get married or have one-night stands…and hilarity ensues.  I don’t understand the humor behind promiscuous sex or “accidental” marriages.  I mean, alcoholic drinks are expensive, so getting that sloshed isn’t cheap, especially if you can’t remember the “good time” you had last night.  Plus, I’ve heard about the upchucking and killer headaches that follow.  It makes me just want to stay home and watch “Fraggle Rock” on NetFlix streaming.  I am grateful to state stores for supplying me with free moving boxes. 

Oh, and for those of you who want to argue about the merits of drinking in biblical times, remember this–Apostle Paul told Timothy to take a little wine for his stomach, not become rip roarin’ drunk during a toga party.  The key is moderation, friends, and not to take advice on drinking from your UPS man.

A story and a lesson on morality–does Friday Faves get any better than this?

So, onto this week’s linkage…

*Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of Sara Groves, particularly her latest album, Invisible Empires.  Those of you who have been listening to her for years are thinking, ‘Yeah, Amy, we know how awesome Invisible Empires is….where have you been?”  I decided to share the above video of Sara singing “Obsolete,” which is one of my fave songs from the album because it’s all vulnerable and emotional.  I think Sara paints beautiful word pictures with her lyrics and I like her gentle melodies.

*If you’re under 21, sometimes it’s hard to get find a pal (or UPS man) who will buy you alcohol.  Therefore, some teens have decided to make their own “moonshine” using hand sanitizer.  Yes, hand sanitizer!  My friend, Shari, who is a dedicated child care professional, first told me that the two year-olds in her classroom weren’t allowed to use hand sanitizer due to its alcohol content.  We laughed, thinking of all the moms who rub it on their kids like sunscreen.  But, apparently, the Pennsylvania Department of Health wasn’t too far off with this one.  For more information, on this alarming trend check out this article from The Morning Call.

*What do you get for the paparazzi who has everything?  A vintage camera fashioned into a tape dispenser!  It’ll only set you back $21.  Other vintage items available from A Mano Trading include an Ultraman Piggy Bank (sorry, it’s sold out!  What a hotseller!) and a needlepoint squirrel.  Personally, I like this closeout bag.

This is Big Red laying the eggs. Currently, all three eggs are now hatched.

*Finally, I want to tell you about a unique opportunity to spy on a red tail hawk nest thanks to CornellVia this link, you can check out Big Red and her mate, Ezra, as they  care for their three eyasses.  I spent a good hour watching Big Red feed her babies a vole carcass.  It sounds gross, but it makes for fascinating viewing. (Click here to view additional videos of the eyasses hatching, eating, and fighting like siblings do.)

As always, have a great weekend!

Because I just adore your comments, here are some discussion questions…I’m going to a book sale and church–what are you doing this weekend?  Have you ever tried to drink hand sanitizer?  With your UPS man (or woman?)What is your favorite Sara Groves song?  Which do you like best–Sarah, Sara, Sarai, or some other alternative spelling of the name?  What do you think of the goods at A Mano Trading?  Any good gifts for Mother’s Day?  Speaking of mothers, what do you think of Big Red’s parenting skills? 

I Won’t Buy You a Beer

27 Jun


I’ve noticed a disturbing trend among Christians.  They seem to laud drinking and alcohol.  I have no problem with the responsible consumption of alcohol–really.  However, I choose not to drink because alcoholism is a problem that has hit both sides of my family so I’d rather not indulge.  Plus, alcohol can interfere with my medicine..and dying for a Bud Light isn’t my idea of fun.  But perhaps the biggest reason I don’t drink is this–I think alcohol tastes gross.  I mean, down a bottle of cough medicine or mouth wash or Jack Daniel’s, to me, it all tastes the same.

I understand that many people do enjoy drinking a beer with friends or getting a margarita with a meal.  Again, I have no problem with this.  The thing I find odd is that a lot of Christian seems to be so proud about their drinking habits.  Like, “Hey, I threw one back with the boys after the Elders Meeting…” This seems to be especially true with men, who I’ve found want to “out drink” each other.  Or they drink just one more to fit in with their pals.   As long as you don’t get drunk or tipsy, fine, do what you will.  But do you need to Twitter, blog, brag about your drinking habits?

During the day, I drink a lot of beverages.  I usually start my day with Diet Coke (because I don’t like coffee), gradually add in some tea of an icy nature, and end the day with a nice cool glass of…water.  However, until this moment, I haven’t really shared that information with the whole world.  Guess what?  I go out with my gal pals and drink Diet Coke!  Sometimes I get really wild and put a lemon in it!  OK, admittedly, I did have a strawberry milkshake (small) the other day…but I didn’t announce that either.  Although maybe I should’ve because it was really good.

People have to be 21 to drink, right?  Because there’s a certain maturity and responsibility associated with using alcohol.  I’m thinking if you’re bragging about drinking and how often you do it, then you probably aren’t mature or responsible enough to be drinking–no matter how old you are.

Being Irish, St. Patrick, and the elusive Shamrock Shake

17 Mar

Green beer, little men with red beards, rainbows, gold coins, and shamrocks–icons of one of America’s favorite excuses to drink–St. Patrick’s Day.

I’ve heard it said that everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, but I disagree.  You’re only Irish if you live in Ireland or have Irish ancestors.  Otherwise, you are not Irish…at all.  But feel free to live it up in shamrock bowler hats with gallons of green beer.  I’ll admit I rarely drink alcohol…but green beer?  Ick!  (If you do, here’s a recipe.)

When it comes to Ireland, I prefer to think of “wee people”, potatoes, Celtic music, U2, the Cranberries, clover, and my half-Irish grandmother who liked to say, “Who needs the Irish?  All they do is fight and drink.”  My grandmother grew up with an alcoholic father and an unloving grandmother who truly believed in the “wee people” so  her view of the Irish was slightly askew due to her unpleasant reality.

Still I proudly claim my Irish heritage, be it only 12.5% of my ancestry. (I’m also 12.5% Scottish, 12.5% German, 12.5 % Swiss, 25% Ukranian, and 25% Austrian [which my mom tried to say is practically German, but I reject that statement on the grounds that it’s much cooler to be Austrian.])   A wee bit Irish is better than no Irish at all!

There are various widespread traditions in the U.S. such as dyeing various bodies of water green such as canal entrances, fountains, rivers, drinking water, the ocean…oh, wait, I got a little carried away there.  Apparently, New Orleans has a Mardi Gras-like parade in which strings of beads, cabbage and potatoes are thrown off floats (it’s true–read about that and more here).  I’ve also learned you can pinch people who don’t wear green on St. Patty’s Day, and you can drink as much beer as you want without getting drunk.

Interestingly enough, the actual man for who the wild holiday is named wasn’t the party hardy type as tradition would have it.  He was Patrick of Wales, a British-born missionary to Ireland, who was believed to have used the three-leafed shamrock to explain the doctrine of the Trinity.  Kidnapped at the age of 16, Patrick managed to escape six years later, whereupon he entered a monastery having renounced his pagan ways.  After being taught in Gaul, he discovered his mission in life was to convert the pagans.

Finally, he went to Ireland, taught people about Christianity for 30 years, and set up school and churches.  The Celtic Druids considered him an enemy and threat to paganism, so he was regularly arrested and imprisoned.  Patrick died on March 17, AD 461.  He is also said to have driven the snakes from Ireland with a sermon (even though snakes aren’t native to Ireland) as well as raise the dead (more info).  Rumor has it that Patrick was also the man who witnessed to and inspired Brigid, another one of Ireland’s most beloved saints (read more about St. Brigid).

Makes you wonder what St. Patrick would think of the glitzy green bow ties, “Kiss me, I’m Irish” pins, and McDonald’s Shamrock shakes (they’re pretty tasty, I’m sure he’d like ’em).  Since St. Patrick himself wasn’t actually Irish, I guess everyone really can be Irish on St. Patrick’s day…so pass the Lucky Charms and green milk and let’s get celebratin’.

You don’t have to be Irish to love Shamrock shakes.  Yum!  Apparently Shamrock shakes were discontinued from some Mccy D’s for a while…how sad!

More random Irish sh-tuff…

*”Kiss me, I’m Irish”–originates with the Blarney Stone, a stone that if kissed endows the kisser with great speaking skills (more info).

*Erin Go Braugh means “Ireland forever” (more info).

*The Irish Potato Blight

*The movie, Far and Away, starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

*All about leprechauns

*Famous female pirate, Grace O’Malley of Ireland


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